Being A Parent is Really Hard!

That’s why BRIDGES is in our community.

There are 10 BRIDGES neighborhood gathering places across Palm Beach County for families in the following zip codes: 33403, 33404, 33407, 33401, 33461, 33460, 33435, 33476 and 33430. They offer many free services, including:

Tips and workshops for parents of young children

Healthy ways to help your child grow and learn

Help finding community resources

Use of lending libraries and business centers (computer, fax, etc.)

And much more...


Information current as of July 31, 2021


Community baby showers hosted by BRIDGES with a combined attendance of nearly one thousand expecting parents and their supporters.


Parents participated in parent-child activities with their children.


Children ages 0-5 years old whom BRIDGES served.


Parents participated in literacy activities with their children.


Why Are We Here?

BRIDGES wants to keep your kids healthy, safe and strong.

We will help you find child care.

We will help you with your pregnancy and find access to health care.

We will help you if you are struggling to put food on the table or pay for rent or the electric bill.

Our staffs can help you with all that — and so much more.


BRIDGES offer a welcoming place where families can come to learn new parenting skills, share news, have fun together, and make lifelong friends.

While every family is different, each one has challenges and joys. At BRIDGES, you’ll meet neighbors and new friends who come together to support one another through tough times and celebrate together during joyful times.