What is Our Mission?

BRIDGES, a program of the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, are gathering places that connect local families to community resources so more children are born healthy, remain free from abuse and neglect, are ready for kindergarten, and have increased access to quality afterschool and summer programs. BRIDGES locations are set up in the following zip codes: 33403, 33404, 33407, 33401, 33461, 33460, 33435, 33476 and 33430.

Why BRIDGES was created?

Despite the efforts of previous community-based programs supported by Children’s Services Council, in some neighborhoods across Palm Beach County:

  • Too many pregnant women still do not get the medical care they need to ensure having a healthy baby; and teen pregnancy remains a problem.
  • Too many babies are born too early and small, putting them at risk for life-long problems with health and learning.
  • Too many children aren’t ready to learn when they enter kindergarten and continue to struggle in school, unable to meet grade-level expectations by the end of 3rd grade. This stepping stone is a huge predictor of future school success.

The services available through BRIDGES focus on giving children the best possible start in life. Why? So that children, as they grow older, are less likely to drop out of school, get pregnant, abuse drugs or end up in prison. This benefits our whole society.

Simply put, what happens today makes a difference tomorrow.

How does BRIDGES work?

BRIDGES support a community-networking concept that coordinates services; reduces duplication of efforts; engages residents; and builds partnerships among businesses, nonprofits, municipalities, and civic and religious groups.