Is your business looking to get more involved in the community?

If so, consider supporting the work we are doing at BRIDGES.

We are looking for businesses, large and small, to sponsor our events, have their staff volunteer at our sites, and provide in-kind supports.

Supporting our initiatives is good for our community and can be good for your business, too.

Here are three reasons why supporting BRIDGES is beneficial to your company.

1) Tax deductions. One of the most immediate benefits to your business from supporting us is being able to get a charitable donation tax deduction. Donations that are generally tax-deductible include sponsorships of events, donations of inventory, or services and cash donations.

2) Free publicity. Sponsoring one of our programs and volunteering your employees’ time are great ways to raise awareness about your company in our community. Through our marketing, your business will be recognized as a community supporter, with your logo appearing on our flyers, event posters and other materials. Your company can also get the word out about your involvement by posting on your social media platforms and your website. It’s a win-win for everyone!

3) Giving back is good for you. Aside from tax breaks and publicity, perhaps the biggest benefit of having your business support BRIDGES is the feeling your employees will get from giving to others. Supporting BRIDGES will improve your company’s sense of well-being, as well as keep you connected to our local community. The act of helping others, especially children, will create an unmatched inner satisfaction for your staff.

So if your business is ready to support us, call Kathy Wall at 561-628-7897 or email her at