Our member spotlight comes from BRIDGES At Lake Worth: Fabiola Dorcent, 37, who lives in Lake Worth.

Fabiola came to BRIDGES after arriving with her husband and family to the U.S. four years ago from Haiti to get away from conflict.

Educated in high school in Haiti, she did not speak English or understood the American culture and needed help acclimating to life in a new country.

The mother of three children attending South Grade Elementary started to take English class (ESOL) through BRIDGES and, over time, was able to adapt to Palm Beach County.

Because of BRIDGES, Fabiola no longer needs an interpreter because she can speak English on her own. She is also more knowledgeable on certain topics such as child safety and prevention.

For now, she’s not working and using some of her time to attend BRIDGES workshops.

In addition, Fabiola has built solid friendships with other BRIDGES members.

These workshops and friendships have helped her mentally, emotionally and physically.