Meet Travelle Northern, the BRIDGES Initiative Director. He explains his job, his passion for BRIDGES, and his interests outside of work – including his claim to fame!

1) Describe your job at BRIDGES.

Travelle: Oversight of program operations and budget of the four Children’s Home Society BRIDGES sites and
co-lead the overall BRIDGES Initiative.
2) Why did you decide to work at BRIDGES?

Travelle: To impact lives of families from the same neighborhood I grew up in.
3) What do you enjoy most about your job?

Travelle: Working with a group of people that are dedicated to the work and families they serve.
4) How are you making a difference in the lives of BRIDGES families?

Travelle: Ensuring the site directors and staff have adequate resources and supports for families.
5) What do you hope families gain from attending BRIDGES activities?

Travelle: An environment that fosters safety, empowerment, and extended family of staff and community members.
6) Tell us about yourself –

Where did you grow up?

Travelle: In the “Raw” –Riviera Beach and downtown West Palm Beach.

How long have you lived in Palm Beach County?

Travelle: All my life – 45 years.

What are your goals for the future?

Travelle: To expand my reach into more public service at the governmental level (local, state, or federal).
7) Tell us something that we do not know about you?


Travelle: Married for 22 years with three sons (1 adult in college and 2 teenagers).


Travelle: Sports official (referee) – football, basketball, baseball and flag football.

Claims to fame-

Travelle: I’m an only child with 12 half-brothers and sisters.


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