Meet Saidy Garzon, the director of BRIDGES at Highland.

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Saidy has goal: advocate for disadvantaged families, so they can improve their quality of life and have access to more opportunities to grow and be successful.

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1) Describe your job at BRIDGES.

I started my journey with BRIDGES back in 2011 as outreach coordinator. I had the opportunity to be out in the Northwood community spreading the word about this great new program, engaging families in activities and promoting parent participation. In 2014, I worked as a Navigator in BRIDGES at Lake Worth West, where I provided direct service to families in need in the Lake Worth West community for about three years. In 2017, I received a promotion to assistant director/site administrator, which gave me the opportunity to work on my leadership skills and to support families at an administrative level. And it was in February, 2021, when I was blessed with being chosen as the director of BRIDGES at Highland. Now I have the opportunity to lead and support the Highland team in their journey to empowering families in the northern area of Lake Worth.

2) Why did you decide to work at BRIDGES?

I was given the chance to work at BRIDGES when the program was new to Palm Beach County and through the years I felt more passionate about the job that BRIDGES has done in many communities. BRIDGES is a place of great opportunities for families and their children to meet their basic needs, improve relationships, and become better parents and community leaders. It is also a place full of opportunities for staff to develop professionally.

3) What do you enjoy most about your job?

What I like the most about my job is the contact that we have with families, the opportunity to interact with them and to learn about their culture, traditions and lifestyles. I also enjoy seeing a smile on their faces when they feel accepted, respected, valued and satisfied with the services provided.

4) How are you making a difference in the lives of BRIDGES families?

I am making a difference in the lives of BRIDGES families by leading and supporting a passionate, hardworking and well trained group of people that are always willing to go above and beyond to meet the families where they are and to provide the best service possible.

5) What do you hope families gain from attending BRIDGES activities?

I hope that when families attend BRIDGES activities they increase their knowledge and become self-sufficient and empowered, so they can give back to the community.

6) Tell us about yourself – where did you grow up, how long have you lived in Palm Beach County, and what are your goals for the future?

I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I moved to the U.S. back in 2003. I lived in Seattle, WA, where I worked as a domestic violence advocate for about seven years and then I decided to move to Florida in 2010. I enjoy living in Palm Beach County. I love the weather, the ocean and the beautiful landscapes that this state offers us every day. My goal for the future is to continue advocating for disadvantaged families, so they can improve their quality of life and have access to more opportunities to grow and be successful.