A mother of two young boys needed help. She was stressed out and overwhelmed by the challenges that come with raising a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old.

“I could accept my current lifestyle as my fate or I could find people to help me change my fate and that’s what BRIDGES at Pahokee did for me,” she said.

She enrolled in the Triple P parenting program. During her first session, she opened up about what was going on in her household. BRIDGES staffers helped develop a parenting plan.

“I stayed in the program because it was different,” she said. “It gave me a more hands-on approach to dealing with my (youngest) son’s behaviors instead of just reading out of a book.”

“My (youngest) son’s behavior is much better; he’s easily controlled. I have the strategies needed to deal with his behaviors. I have support from (the boys’ father) and we communicate better about our children and their needs. We are so much happier now. This has truly helped my family.”

The mother continues to be an active member of BRIDGES at Pahokee, attending parent-child activities and other events. Staffers say that when they see her now there is “a glow of happiness on her face.”