Marie wanted to take English classes after she came to Florida from Haiti, but she couldn’t. She had to care for her 2-year-old daughter, Kehila, and she wasn’t able to find a program that would allow her to bring Kehila along.

That was until Marie’s husband, Martial, visited BRIDGES at Lake Worth. He learned about the Family Literacy program, which allows parents to attend English classes while a BRIDGES staffer watches their children.

Marie didn’t just attend the English classes every Monday through Thursday, she became a regular at many of the BRIDGES’ other programs, including Triple P parenting classes and parent-child activities.

BRIDGES staff also helped Marie’s family through their second pregnancy with Marie participating in childbirth classes.

“A lot of places give English courses, but with BRIDGES we got emotional support for our family,” Martial said “BRIDGES helps guide you…BRIDGES provides support that not only makes people’s lives better, but a better future for their children. It’s more than an organization. It’s like a family.”