Meet Kenyon Link — the site director for BRIDGES at Riviera Beach who has been on the job for 10 months.

A professional photographer on the side, Kenyon came to work for us because he wanted to help our members tap into their full potential. The former New Yorker likes to see “lightbulbs go off” in people when they strive to do their best.

He’s our March staff spotlight.

1) Describe your job at BRIDGES.

Kenyon Link: My job at BRB is to oversee day to day operations of the BRIDGES at Riviera Beach site. I am, more importantly, an advocate for my staff and BRIDGES Members. I listen to the needs of both and try to do my best to accommodate.

2) Why did you decide to work at BRIDGES?

Kenyon Link: I decided to work for BRIDGES because it is the perfect opportunity to be in direct contact with the community and engage in leadership. I personally feel the best way to be impactful with anything is to be immersed in it and be on the ground level to really understand what is going on. When looking at the Healthy Beginnings System of care, BRIDGES would afford me the opportunity to do just that.

3) What do you enjoy most about your job?

Kenyon Link: I enjoy meeting new people and through conversation being able to awaken a desire to tap into their potential. I love watching lightbulbs go off in people and smiles on their faces. I have learned that people desire to be seen and heard and I attempt to do both.

4) How are you making a difference in the lives of BRIDGES families?

Kenyon Link: I would like to think I am making a difference by showing our members a different approach to obstacles and barriers. I approach everyone with a positive outlook no matter the situation, because I do not know what they experienced before coming in contact with me. This, in turn, makes them comfortable and feel respected. Those two combined will go a long way in a person’s day to day. 

5) What do you hope families gain from attending BRIDGES activities?

Kenyon Link: My hope is each family that attends a BRIDGES activity first and foremost has a positive experience. Then my hope is for a positive ongoing relationship that will build trust. Trust is the only way I feel we will be able to encourage our members.  

6) Tell us about yourself

Where did you grow up?

Kenyon Link: I grew up in Long Island, NY in a town similar to Riviera Beach called Wyandanch. Although I lived in Wyandanch, I attended a very affluent school district in Dix Hills, NY. This allowed me to see the huge disparities in communities. 

How long have you lived in Palm Beach County?

Kenyon Link: I have lived in Palm Beach County since 2002. I worked in Manhattan, NY during the September 11th terrorists attack and moved to here for a fresh start.

7) Tell us something that we do not know about you?


Kenyon Link: I am married to the lovely Rosa Link and have two amazing kids. One boy (5years old) and one girl (2 years old). Yes I started late…lol.


Kenyon Link: I am a professional photographer and I also mentor young men through my fraternity.

Claims to fame

Kenyon Link: Still working on it!