The mother with a 1-year-old girl wouldn’t respond to people at BRIDGES at Lake Park unless they were facing her when they talked. One of the staffers began to realize something was wrong and soon discovered that the mother had hearing problems and gotten through life by reading lips.

BRIDGES at Lake Park staff contacted the Deaf Service & Hearing Wellness Center of Palm Beach County and tests showed the mother had significant hearing loss in both ears. The Hearing Wellness Center advised her that it would be able to provide her with one reconditioned hearing aid. Mercy Me Ministries, a partner of BRIDGES at Lake Park, agreed to pay for a second hearing aid.

The mother and a BRIDGES staffer went to the Hearing Wellness Center in April to get the two hearing aids. The staff member said that when the hearing aids were put on the mother’s ears, a big smile crossed her face. She could hear sounds she hadn’t heard before.

“I am the happiest person on the face of this earth now,” she said.