Anishka Hepburn is a runner and long-time Palm Beach County resident who strives for families to realize their strength and full potential.

We asked Anishka to tell us more about yourself and what her “superstar” team does to help families.

1) Why did you decide to work at BRIDGES?

My decision to work at BRIDGES is summarized in a quote by the late U.S. Senator John McCain:  “Nothing in life is more liberating than to fight for a cause larger than yourself, something that encompasses you…”

2) What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy leading a superstar team! They all possess unique skills and a desire to see BRIDGES families heal, grow and give back to each other.

3) How are you making a difference in the lives of BRIDGES families?

With the help of my team, I am able to make a difference in the lives of BRIDGES families by creating an environment, at the site, that promotes self-actualization.  It is so rewarding to see families realize their strengths and the power they possess to improve their lives and the lives of the people around them.

4) What do you hope families gain from attending BRIDGES activities?

I hope families leave each BRIDGES activity with renewed confidence, inspired and feeling more connected to each other and their community.

5) Tell us about yourself upbringing.

I grew up on the beautiful island of Freeport, Grand Bahama. I moved to West Palm Beach, after graduating high school, to attend Palm Beach Atlantic University (go Sailfish!). West Palm Beach has been my home for 26 years.

6) Tell us something that we do not know about you.

I practiced both physical and massage therapy from 1998-2003.  In an effort to be a better version of myself, I run 7-8 miles per week.


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