July 14th is National Summer Learning Day!

It’s a time to bring attention to the importance of providing high-quality summer learning experiences to help your children succeed in college, career and life.

So what can you, as a parent, do to encourage learning this summer?

A lot.

Let’s start with 5 key things (courtesy of National Summer Learning Association).

1) Read. Read. Read.

Summer reading should be FUN reading! Help your child read ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that interests him or her.

2) Have fun with numbers.

Find creative ways to practice math: ask your child to help you tally the bill at the grocery store, calculate time, or follow a recipe. Many children enjoy math workbooks or online worksheets – there are lots of free ones.

3) Turn off the TV. Turn off the screens.

A little bit of screen time is OK – but too much screen time is not healthy. Monitor (and limit) screen time in the summertime just as you would during the school year.

4) Make art.

Kids love art projects of every kind – but they rarely have enough time during the school year to draw, paint, and construct as much as they’d like. Let the summer be the time when your child discovers that he or she has the amazing ability to create through art.

5) Experiment: do science.

Watch an ice cube melt. Grow grass. Play with magnets. Collect rocks. Collect leaves. Summer is a great time to experiment with science.

That’s a good start to keeping your child learning this summer while still being able to be carefree and simply be a kid!

Want more ideas? Check out Palm Beach County School District’s summer learning tools and programs. Click here to learn more.